Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Why do I need this service?

When registering to web sites you don’t trust, you can use the inboxes to try the untrusted service and evaluate it, if you are happy with it you can change you email later to your real email address

How long will the clipmails keep my incoming emails?

The clipmails eats all emails after 1 days if they are not deleted before that time.

How can I delete a message?

While viewing the individual message look for the trashcan icon.

Can you recover deleted messages?

Nope, what done is done.

I lost my quick link and can’t access my inboxes?

Too bad. We recommend you mail the quick link to yourself, to your real email. so you can later find it.

How can I mail the quick link to myself?

Just compose a new email in gmail or outlook, address it you yourself and copy-paste the link into the message body. Don’t forget to send!

Can I send emails with this service?

No you little spammer, you can’t. Period. And will never be able to.