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remain anonymous on the internet

The best solution to stay anonymous on the internet with disposable or temporary e-mail addresses

If you wish to remain anonymous, you may use a disposable e-mail address. Be careful, because all e-mails and messages you receive will be public, it should be deleted. so do not use them on sites that could share private information ...

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disposable mails against spam

Disposable email addresses against spam !

According to the latest report from Symantec, the level of spam - despite more and more antispam devices - was in the year 2017 to 53% of messages! The origin of spam would come, for the most part, "botnets" installed without the knowledge of users on their workstation. ...

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clipmails temporary mail
The purpose of temporary e-mail is to prevent the person to whom you give the temporary address from knowing your real e-mail address, whether for reasons of confidentiality or to avoid receiving spam.