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Temporary mail information

disposable email address

What is a disposable email address ?

This is a temporary e-mail address, valid for a generally short duration,   and used as trash address for all the times a site asks to register by informing its email ...

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undetectable disposable email

why uses undetectable disposable email address ?

If at the time of leaving your e-mail address on a public forum or to communicate it to a commercial site or a game, you hesitate a little, know that you can hide your real e-mail address ...

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sites block disposable mail address

Some sites block disposable email addresses!

Some sites block the use of disposable email address, you search for a mailbox with a domain not blocked on these sites. clipmails to find the solution and he added other domains to avoid having his registration blocked on these sites ...

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clipmails temporary mail
The purpose of temporary e-mail is to prevent the person to whom you give the temporary address from knowing your real e-mail address, whether for reasons of confidentiality or to avoid receiving spam.