Disposable email addresses against spam !

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PubliƩ le 20 octobre , 2018 a 12:02 PM

disposable mails against spam

According to the latest report from Symantec, the level of spam - despite more and more antispam devices - was in the year 2017 to 53% of messages! The origin of spam would come, for the most part, "botnets" installed without the knowledge of users on their workstation.
Disposable Spam Addresses ! In a secure computer system as most companies can, the origin of the spam often lies in the information provided to the reading of the messages by the different mail clients. Without a software firewall installed on the workstation that can block the output of port 80 and 443 for the mail client, the spammer receives, through a link in the form of an image or a transparent pixel, the "proof" of the existence of the address of the recipients that the spammer will be able to yield! As for automatic absence mails, try to limit them to the list of members of your address books. There is a third component in the origin of spam: these are the sites on which you have to register and leave your details. They are then transferred to third parties. It is best to use a disposable and / or temporary email address service..

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